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What is an AMA?
« about: 3 years ago »
An AMA is a thread where a person arrives at BHU by request or they offer to do an AMA which we accept. I create a thread for the AMA and then members of this forum can begin posting some questions which they would like to ask the person. So for example, Matt Cutts agrees to an AMA here, we welcome him to the forum and begin a thread in the AMA section. Then members post questions which can be about anything, it can be personal, it can be his work life or it can be something random. After several questions are gathered Matt would then begin to answer some of the questions. And that's it!

AMAs usually last a few hours. Everybody is welcome here, Whitehat, Blackhat or offline business, whoever you are interested in can be requested to do an AMA here.

Remember, we are not just Blackhats, we are Smart Marketers.
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