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The BHU rules for outing sites and why.
« about: 3 years ago »
As I understand it, the definition for "outing" in the SEO industry is talking about the techniques a site uses to increase their Google rankings while also revealing the site's URL publicly.

We have come up against some complex situations surrounding the outing of sites which has sparked some legitimate questions and concerns that need some clarification on our stance.

This forum is built upon the concept that knowledge is power. I have a very clear view of what I think is best for the longterm progression of the members in this community and their businesses. This next paragraph describes how we feel about sharing techniques and may help you understand the point of view we have on outing.

If you hide your techniques, if you keep them secret then you are doing exactly what Google wants you to do, you are being influenced by their propaganda to live in fear. Google wants you to fear sharing your data because this allows them to have control over the progress and evolution of techniques. If you share data with others then their control is lost and the evolution of the techniques are too fast for them. By keeping your techniques secret, you are setting yourself up for a fall as you will have nothing when the technique is patched with an algo update. However, Google's algorithm is flawed and always will be, by sharing more data you risk the technique being patched sooner, but you gain a much larger advantage by having a community behind you to help evolve and pioneer new techniques faster than Google can patch them, so you will always have the safety net of the exerts in the community to help you stay afloat.

This mindset is part of the foundation that the community is built upon, but there is a concern with the ethical and moral issues of outing sites which I accept.

We have drafted some new rules for outing sites which may be amended as time passes(8th of August 2014).

An outing thread will be removed if;
  • The owner of the site is found to be a member of the private members only section and/or has a special title/status in the community.
  • If we find that the out took place in a revenge action or attempt to act maliciously.
  • There is no obvious value to the action of the out(The out is questionable in it's purpose).
  • The OP has any connection to the site they out(Includes direct competition, we will not tolerate using outing as an attack).
An outing thread will not be removed, or at the very most simply be moved from the public section(under our discretion) to the private section if;
  • The owner is not a member of the private section
  • The owner subscribes to the private section to try and get it removed.(The no outing a member's site rule only applies to existing members. This also stops anyone accusing us of outing sites to push subscriptions, that is extortion and we are not criminals.)
Outing sites should purely be intended for the purposes of researching new ranking techniques and collecting data.
In best practice, you will find sites in niche's that you are not involved in and discuss the techniques the site uses from a purely scientific perspective.
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Re: The BHU rules for outing sites and why.
« Reply #1 about: 3 years ago »
That paragraph is why I am so glad I found this forum